Hi I'm Philippos Pavlou!

A professional and highly experienced Voice Over Artist and Voice Coach. I do mainly Greek Voice Overs and also English with a localized European or Mediterranean accent. Whether you need voiceovers for commercials, presentations, e-learning, telephone prompts or any other audio project, I have the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life.

To hear what I do, have a listen to my voiceover samples below. 

My samples

Commercial VOs

Strong, authoritative, hard selling... yet friendly, smooth and assuring.


Radio, Spotify, TV, Social Media, YouTube, Cinema... and any commercial spots or clips.

Greek PizzaHut Radio

Greek Neochrom Radio

Greek Commercial Reel

English Ad

E-Learning VOs

Engaging, clear, and concise. Understandable, friendly, easy to follow.


Product Videos, Manuals, Step-by-Step, Technical training, How to... etc.

e-learning Technical Training

e-learning Manual

e-learning Product

Technical Training

Non-commercial VOs

Professional narration for longer projects. Let me bring your stories to life.


Apps, Audiobooks, Tour guides, Announcements, Telephone prompts... etc.


Awards Ceremony

Telephone Prompt

Tour Guide

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Some Brands I worked for: